Finally – it’s the Love Island baby challenge tonight and Josh, Megan and Dr Alex can’t cope

Megan doesn't take well to motherhood on Love Island. PIC: ITV
Megan doesn’t take well to motherhood on Love Island. PIC: ITV

Tonight is the episode all Love Island fans have been waiting for – it’s the baby challenge.

Each of the remaining couples will be tested as they’re charged with caring for a newborn baby (not a real newborn, of course, but a doll programmed to wail and giggle and poo just like the real thing) for the day.

Some couples rise to the challenge and grow closer as a result while others fail miserable at the basics and realise just how ill-prepared they are for parenthood.

It doesn’t help that half way through the day the girls are taken away from the villa leaving the lads to cope alone.

Love Island baby challenge. PIC: ITVLove Island baby challenge. PIC: ITV

Love Island baby challenge. PIC: ITV

Original Jack is not immediately enamoured by the task, telling the Beach Hut, “It’s deafening, it goes through you. It goes through your head. It’s like someone’s just got a pool cue and stuck it straight through your ear holes.”

Dani, however, is a little more enthusiastic, “Let’s go and see our baby, we made a baby!” as is New Jack, who comments, “I love the fact that there’s loads of babies around. Obviously they’re crying a lot, as babies do, they need to be changed, they need to be fed, but that’s what it’s all about.”

Jack and Dani and their plastic baby on Love Island. PIC: ITVJack and Dani and their plastic baby on Love Island. PIC: ITV

Jack and Dani and their plastic baby on Love Island. PIC: ITV

Each couple is required to name their plastic baby and these are the interesting results (note that Laura and Jack initially thought their baby was a boy before realising, during a nappy change, that it is in fact a girl):

• Wes and Megan’s daughter is called Mia Ruby Nelson

Laura and Paul on Love Island. PIC: ITVLaura and Paul on Love Island. PIC: ITV

Laura and Paul on Love Island. PIC: ITV

• Paul and Laura’s daughter is called Arabella Knops

• Alex and Alexandra’s daughter is called Ella Louise George

Dr Alex said he didn't become a pediatrician for a reason. PIC: ITVDr Alex said he didn't become a pediatrician for a reason. PIC: ITV

Dr Alex said he didn’t become a pediatrician for a reason. PIC: ITV

• Jack and Laura’s son is called Aubrey Crane Fowler

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• Josh and Kazimir’s son is called Prince Kavana Joshua Denzel

• Jack and Dani’s daughter is called Kimberley Flo Fincham

Josh, Megan and Dr Alex struggle the most with being parents.  Josh blames his headache on the baby while Megan takes to the Beach Hut for a good moan.

“I did not expect parenthood to be this hard. I can barely look after myself at 24, let alone a new-born baby,” she says.

Meanwhile, Kaz is not impressed with Josh.

“I’m really enjoying it, I’m so happy. You’ve been running away, I don’t think you’ve held him once,” she says, labelling him an “absent father”.

The girls are then whisked off for a break and Megan says she’s impressed with Wes.

“It’s attractive to see that sensitive side of guys, you don’t normally see it. Wes is so natural with her, I’m like ‘oh my God, you’re so cute, look at you.” 

Kaz meanwhile shares her woes with the girls as she complains about Josh’s distance with the baby: “I have to say, I don’t feel the same as any of you. Since the day little Prince came into my life, Josh gave him his name, dressed him and then ran a mile. I’ve been looking after the baby all day. There’s no father bond there.”

Later that evening Original Jack has come around to being a dad and he and Dani grow closer over the experience.

“This is actually like being in the future. I’m sorry this is actually like being in the actual future. Mate, I can’t wait to take her down the park and that. Strolling through the park,” he says.

As they open up about their views on parenting, Jack tells Dani what sort of father he plans to be, “When I’ve actually got a kid, I want to be a really fun parent. I want to do so much fun stuff. They’re never going to want for anything. We’re going to be proper stable. They’re always going to have what they want. I want them to be so polite. I think being polite’s so important.”

Dani also admits she’s keen to emulate the relationship she has with her own mother: “I want her to just be able to tell me everything. How I am with my mum. I want her to be able to do whatever she’s done, be able to confide in me, and for me to always be able to give her the right advice. My mum is strict. And she’s like my best mate.”

Laura, meanwhile, is pleased with Paul’s enthusiasm.  Dr Alex opens a post natal clinic at the villa to give the babies their health checks.  Regarding his own plastic offspring, he’s not so keen, however.

When Alexandra states that she is broody, he is quick to shut her down, “Absolutely not. I didn’t do paediatrics for a reason, and the crying and screaming is why.”

Following their traumatic day as parents, there’s another shock for the islanders as one of the couples will be sent home following the public vote.

Love Island continues tonight on 3e at 9pm.

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